Exquisitely hand finished jointed keepsake bears. Designed and hand crafted just for you by professional keepsake artist Jolene Law.   With her skills and years of experience in her art of keepsake bear making, your memories will be captured forever in these handsome characters she creates personally.

Jolene has an eye for design and detail and captures the essence of the clothing sent in to her, making use of the intricate details and using the patterns, prints and texture of the fabrics to create the perfect keepsake.

Each keepsake is creatively embellished using skilled hand embroidery techniques or modern machine embroidery and applique.

Jolene draws inspiration from the clothing itself "Every client sends me a bundle of garments and often tells me a little bit about the person that wore the clothing, which helps greatly in my planning stage of creating the keepsake."  Living in a small village on the outskirts of the Lincolnshire Wolds provides Jolene with the calm and quiet ambience of the countryside that allows her creativity to flow.

Although self-taught in the art of bear making, Jolene grew up with her Seamstress Mother never far from a sewing machine. Because of this, sewing was always more of a second nature rather than anything she had to learn. 

Jolene made her first bear entirely by hand in 2011 whilst living with her family in Northern Italy, just 30 minutes away from the beautiful city of Venice, "After making my very first bear, I knew that this is what I wanted to do, I had to make more of these cute characters! My work is constantly evolving as I discover new materials and techniques and I am never afraid to take on new challenges." 

Jolene opened Armadio Amore in 2012 and has always had a long waiting list for her work. "I can only apologise for the wait but I am assured by my clients that they are worth waiting for!"   

Please feel free to email with any enquiries, thoughts or ideas.

Jolene x